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The Statutory Register is available for download from this page after user signup and login.

GDPR Notice - Your information i.e. name, profession and contact details are being collected for the purpose of the Building Control Acts 1990-2014. The details for all Valid Notices, Applications and Certificates may be held for a period of not less than five years after you have completed the building of works the subject of your Notices, Applications and Certificates.  All correspondence with you will be in relation to the Building Control Acts 1990-2014.  All details relating to Invalid Notices, Applications and Certificates will be deleted/removed from the BCMS within a three month period of invalidation.  Furthermore if you have not commenced a Valid Notice or Application you may make a request to have information pertaining this valid non-commencement of Notice or Application removed/deleted from the BCMS by contacting your building control authority or  If you have completed a buildings or works the subject of a Commencement Notice which does not require a Certificate of Completion you may after five years of completion of this building or works apply to have information pertaining this completed - commencement  of Notice or Application removed/deleted from the BCMS by contacting your building control authority or

Welcome to the Building Control Management System (BCMS). A commencement notice is required to give notice to Building Control Authorities of the erection of such buildings, or classes of buildings, or the carrying out of such works, or classes of works, as may be specified in the regulations. Note that each party (owner, designer, builder and assigned certifier) to the notice must first register with the BCMS. A building or works may also require a Fire Safety Certificate Application, a Disability Access Certificate Application and a Certificate of Compliance on Completion. The Building Control (Amendment) Regulations SI 9 of 2014 recommends this BCMS site as the preferred means of electronic building control administration.